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the Sacred San Pedro Cactus [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
the Sacred San Pedro Cactus

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Planting side ways to maximize new growth? [Jan. 27th, 2009|06:32 pm]
the Sacred San Pedro Cactus

I just got this in the mail today. It's a San Pedro.
 I want to cut off the the pup and root it in a new pot, and plant the original column.

 Could i Plant it sideways in the ground to encourage the spines to grow into new pups?
The tip is damaged so I don't think it will get much bigger.
<img src="http://c3.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/34/l_b18f936f39874338a14abfad69fc0086.jpg">
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ate cactus, didn't work! [Aug. 24th, 2007|11:21 pm]
the Sacred San Pedro Cactus
Ok so question. I ate about 2/3 cup of dried/ground up/powdered San Pedro cactus, half of it within the first half hour, the next half over the next hour or so. My friend drank the same amount, after making a tea out of it. He tripped on it, extensively, and I did not. Here's what I ate/drank:

-fucking disgusting cactus powder mixed into peanut butter
-chased with water, powerade, lots of cranberry juice, some orange juice

I felt a slight amount of visual...not exactly hallucinations, but "exaggerations". Just slightly. And I didn't feel "myself", really, but that's it. My friend however, who normally takes this amount and said it'd get me good, definitely tripped in a great, amazing way. So WHAT HAPPENED??!?!? Did the cranberry juice make me piss all the mescaline out before I tripped? Did I eat it too slowly? What???
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(no subject) [Oct. 15th, 2006|01:45 am]
the Sacred San Pedro Cactus

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(no subject) [Jan. 6th, 2006|01:33 pm]
the Sacred San Pedro Cactus

[music |shpongle]

Banner 11
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As promised [Oct. 13th, 2005|05:34 pm]
the Sacred San Pedro Cactus

A picture of me and my new san pedro...

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So begins divination... [Oct. 12th, 2005|10:52 pm]
the Sacred San Pedro Cactus

[mood |bouncyHappy]
[music |the drones of my didgeridoo....]

My san pedro came today! I was ecstatic when I saw the box, Its green for the most part but there are tan colored patches toward the bottom, but thats normal right? It leans on the side of the pot but that's because the roots havent set themselves in yet I think. I planted it in the premixed catcus soil up to where it changes from light brown to green. Can A pot be too big for it? Its not gigantic but im not sure if its too much space for it to grown into so it can stand on its own. Also should the soil be tight or loose

thanks for all your help

Pics coming soon
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MY S.P. [Oct. 2nd, 2005|06:14 pm]
the Sacred San Pedro Cactus

[mood |crazyEuphoric]

My san pedro which I purchased from E bay


I've purchased "Shultz" brand cactus drainage soil and cactus fertilizer

How often do I water it?

Also, is there any way to raise the mescaline content? I've heard making small "nicks" in the cactus tricks it into beleiving its under insect attack thus rasing the mescaline content to to compensate
(somerthing I read on erowid and wanted your opinion)

also what is the process for propagating/rooting cuttings?

any help would be Most appreciate

p.s. Sorry I dont know how to attach pictures to LJ
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(no subject) [Sep. 28th, 2005|07:59 pm]
the Sacred San Pedro Cactus

Alright. I've got my eye on a rooted 12 inch san pedro on ebay. But I'm really worried about heat and sunlight for the little guy. I dont think window sill growing will do much for it. Any stuff I really need for indoor growing?

By the way I need a response ASAP
(auction ends in 24 hours)
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(no subject) [Sep. 21st, 2005|08:18 pm]
the Sacred San Pedro Cactus

My setup
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(no subject) [Sep. 20th, 2005|07:12 pm]
the Sacred San Pedro Cactus

[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Sensucht-Rammstein]

New to this community. I'm interested in shamanism and san pedro. Have had some difficulty locating the cactus though i've heard its quite common. I'll keep posting here as soon as I see a few more posts
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